The Spine is a central and integral part of the University and is being remodelled to reflect this. The Spine remodelling project is due to start on site later this year.

What is the Spine Remodelling project?

This Spine Remodelling project aims to rejuvenate what is arguably one of the most used ‘rooms’ on the Lancaster University campus. Although it is currently used as a route for many people to get from one end of the campus to the other, the vision is for something much more. The aim of the project is to bring the kilometre-long walkway into the 21st Century, to provide a vibrant, light, safe, weather protected route, offering a variety of environments along its length, reinforcing its identity as the main campus thoroughfare.

What’s the story so far?

Farmer's Market

We held an event at the Farmer’s Market where the architects asked you lots of questions and gained feedback on what you think of the Spine and how you currently use it. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Design Workshops

The Project Architects ran workshops in order to gain feedback on their design proposals as well as hear about your ideas. Many ideas were discussed and suggestions from students and staff have been incorporated into their designs in various ways. Read Rick Mather Architects consultation update here.

Ideas Gathering

We planted post boxes around campus and you sent us your ideas on postcards, some of you emailed us and some of you tweeted us. In the end there were a lot of great ideas submitted!

Still to come

Find out more about the detailed design proposals for the Spine Remodelling Project. The Architects, Rick Mather Associates and Grant Associates will be presenting their Stage 3 Design and inviting your feedback. Register your interest.

History of The Spine


Lancaster University’s Campus is situated in North West Lancashire.


The original Shepheard & Epstein Masterplan took reference from Italian hill-top villages and proposed a compact arrangement of connected buildings.


Main body of the Campus completed.

2003 - 2006

Period of intense expansion. New buildings broke the original simple geometry of campus.


New Masterplan for the campus created by John McAslan & Partners consisting of new buildings for expanding educational facilities including LICA Building and Charles Carter Building. .


Spine Remodelling Competition to rejuvenate the pedestrian spaces across the Lancaster University campus.